Sunday, March 6, 2016

Garin/Dry Creek Day Hike

We completed our second hike of the 52 Hike Challenge: Garin/Dry Creek Regional Parks! 

A little back story on this particular hike.  Last March, my husband and I flew to the Bay Area from Illinois to interview for my current job, look for places to live, and celebrate my birthday. We stumbled upon this beautiful area in the Hayward hills on the recommendation of a friendly patron of a local bar and knew instantly we would have to come back with our dog, Loki, someday.

This park offers 20 miles of trails on its nearly 4800 acres of land.  We took the High Ridge Loop Trail to the Meyers Ranch Trail to the Dry Creek Trail to the Jordan Pond Trail (approx. 3.5 miles total).

There is a steeper route up on the left, but we opted for the gradual incline.

It was in the 70's when we went. Just a gorgeous day!

These rolling hills overlook the City of Hayward.

A good portion of this hike offers beautiful bay views like this!

We might love our dog a little...

And, he might be a little spoiled...

Loki met another Husky on the trail!

Another stunning view!

More hills!

Loki made another friend! This puppy kept coming back to play.
Beyond the many, many hills, there is this lovely wooded area.

We didn't take this route this time,
but I'm excited to come back and see where it goes!

Pretty yellow flowers

There are several of these narrow wooden bridges.

graffiti tree

Can never resist photographing a poppy.

Testing out my new camera... 

This was the field of yellow flowers that first drew us to this hike one year ago.

 To read about our first hike of the challenge click here.

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