Saturday, February 27, 2016

Chicago River Dye in 12 Easy Steps

Every March, the city of Chicago turns into a magical, emerald-shaded place where anything is possible.  The Chicago River is literally dyed green in celebration of St. Patrick's Day and crowds of all sorts come out to commemorate the event.  With these simple steps you can make sure you look the part and have the best experience possible (though your personal experience may differ slightly...but really that's what this day is all about...just go with it...)

Step 1.
Make yourself an 
awesome tutu.

Step 2.
Accept that glitter is just
a part of your life now.
You're never getting rid of it...

Step 3.
Assemble a great 
group of people.

Step 4.
Get there early and 
plant yourself up front.

Step 5.
Check out the awesomeness that is 

Step 6.
Become a local celebrity.
No, really...
this leprechaun costume
was a HUGE hit!

Step 7.
Hang out with other celebrities.
(now that you're part of the "in" crowd)

Step 8.
Check out the parade!

Step 9.
Get kissed by a leprechaun
and subsequently receive
10 years of good luck...

Step 10.
Find Waldo...

Step 11.
Enjoy a beer

Step 12.
Follow the glitter back to the car...
and safely drive home.

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