Sunday, September 6, 2015

McCloud, CA Weekend Getaway: A Photo Essay

My husband, David, and I recently ventured about four hours north of the Bay Area to the quiet, little mountain town of McCloud, CA to celebrate his 31st birthday.  As McCloud is so close to Mount Shasta, there are many winter activities in the area, but those were not exactly available given the 100+ degree weather.  Given the number of lakes in the area, there are also a lot of water activities to choose from, but we did not do any of those either... Instead, we opted to take in the sights, do a little hiking, and all around just enjoy our little break from the everyday routine.  

Since the area is simply stunning, I thought it best to just let the pictures speak for themselves so here is a photo essay of our time in McCloud!

McCloud, CA 


Lower Falls



Middle Falls 


Upper Falls



Mount Shasta



Lake Siskiyou

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  1. I like your pics of McCloud. I drive by there all of the time, but haven't been to the town. It is a pretty town