Saturday, May 30, 2015

Executive Decision

Radio silence...

That's all you've heard from this blog if you've tried to check in over the past few months.  For that I am truly sorry.  I have had a lot going on what with moving across the country and all.  Back in April, my husband and I uprooted our lives in Illinois and dragged everything we own and our dog to California.

We are now residents of the Bay Area!  And, given the amount of goings ons in said region, we have been keeping ourselves pretty busy with restaurants and hiking and festivals and just all around getting to know our new home.
Golden Gate Bridge

The initial verdict is love.

Hiking just 5 miles from our new home!
In order to adapt to our new West Coast lifestyle, I have made the executive decision to rethink the way I do blog posts.  Up until now, I have been providing myself with weekly challenges and broadcasting those results to you all (though often on a somewhat delayed basis).  Since I have clearly made a fairly drastic leap outside of that comfort zone, I feel it is acceptable for me break from this template.

Instead, I am going to start posting whenever I have a story to tell or a picture to show or just sage life advice.

I never did well with following the formula anyway so theoretically this freestyle form should give me a better outlet for my writing which means more interesting posts for your reading pleasure.

We had a good run the other way (over 1 1/2 years), but it's time to branch out and try something new.

Thanks for sticking with me!

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