Sunday, January 25, 2015

W84: Shots for Love

This week David and I reluctantly did something
neither of us had ever done before...

I don't so much have an issue with the shot itself.
I don't have any problem with needles.

David, on the other hand, gets squeamish
watching Grey's Anatomy
which I'm sure he's thrilled you now know...

Our main concern was that neither of us get sick often.

I have worked in customer service since I was 18,
and I think the last time I truly had the stomach flu
was in elementary school.

Sure we get the occasional cold
and I had walking pneumonia for about a month
a few years ago...

But the flu shot wouldn't have helped much there...

Our concern was that the flu shot would make us sick.
 And, nobody wants that.

But these shots weren't about us and our worries.

They were about our little niece, Violet.
She is barely over a month old,
and we are flying out to North Carolina
in roughly two weeks to meet her.

We completely understand that more
care must be taken with her immune system.

So we did it...

We sucked it up and took our shots
like the mature adults that we are.

Of course...
David's shot didn't work the first time.

The tech had trouble getting the cap off of his shot,
and when she finally did, she didn't notice
that the needle had separated from the syringe.

As she placed the needle into David's skin,
the vaccine spewed out all over his arm.

This has never happened before, I heard her say
from behind the makeshift privacy screen.
She quickly returned with another shot,
and the second time around went off without a hitch.

As we switched places, 
he hurriedly told me what happened.
That his shot hadn't worked correctly the first time.
Like a zit, he said. Sprayed all over the place.

He seemed fine, though we were both
mildly amused that he was the one
who had to get two shots.

My shot was uneventful by comparison.
I did however flex my muscle
just as the needle went in.
So, that was fun.

Regardless, we did it.
And, now we can see Violet

Oh, and neither one of us got sick
so our fears were unfounded. 

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