Sunday, January 11, 2015

W82 : Winter Wanderings at Kickapoo

One winter's day in East Central Illinois a young woman found that there was absolutely nothing going on in the vicinity.  She researched events, shows, classes, movies for hours on end to no avail.  There is absolutely nothing to do here, she thought in frustration.  How is that even possible?

Then inspiration struck.  She remembered Cheryl Strayed and her treacherous hike along the Pacific Crest Trail, and she knew that she must turn outward.  If there is nothing to do inside, I will simply have to go out.  Luckily there is a heat wave of 23 degrees.

So she proposed the idea to her brothers that a hike would be had in the far off land of Oakwood, Illinois where a small State Park stood by the name of Kickapoo.  One brother was immediately on board with no questions asked, while the other, true to his nature, remained stubborn and hesitant.  Eventually the two eager siblings wore him down, and he ran off to don his layers.

What seemed like hours later, the three were finally on the road.  Bogged down with ten water bottles, two protein bars, and a handful of gummy fruit snacks, they were prepared for anything.

When they arrived at the park, their path was unsure.  The map was vague and the trails poorly marked amidst the snow.  Still, they pressed on.  
The path is here, they announced with confidence.
We'd better get one last group shot...
You case we don't make it out of here.
So off they went following what seemed less and less
like an actual trail...
They crossed some rough terrain...

And made many discoveries...
Before they realized they were just following animal tracks
not an actual trail...
Suddenly a bridge appeared ...behind them
...and they had to retrace their steps
At last they saw a sign that they were headed in the right direction.
Their trek was such a pitiful sight that even the woodland creatures came
out to gawk at their obvious ineptitude.
Still, they pressed on.
Ready to face any obstacle the trail could muster.
Finally, they arrived at a river.
Clearly, this was their intent all along and they had totally succeeded
like the now expert hikers that they were.
So they turned back.
And before long their journey was at an end.
The animals were okay with their departure.
In fact, they did not seem to care at all...
And the three siblings went on their merry way
as the sun set on the lands and the air grew cool.
The End.

Coming up... Week 83: ???

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