Sunday, January 4, 2015

W81: To New Beginnings

 The beginning of a new year always seems to inject me
with a new sense of hope and motivation, 
like we're getting a fresh start and, darn it, anything is possible.

Last year I resolved to give up pop and fast food.
One year later, I have not had a single drop and
my car has not graced any fast food drive-thrus.

Not that I've not had the cravings...
But I will say after a while they aren't as intense.
It's only once in a while that a Dr. Pepper just sounds amazing
and a Burger King Whopper would simply make my day...

Whenever that does happen,
I just remind myself that the pain, discomfort, and inevitable crash
after I succumb to temptation is just not worth it.

It might taste good for the moment,
but my body has become reacquainted with real food now
and eating all of those chemicals and mystery meats
would completely devastate my system.

Somehow that burger doesn't seem so great anymore...

So what about this year?

I like the idea of continuing my constant struggle to eat healthy and stay fit,
but in the spirit of the whole dramatic resolution process
I also want to commit to traveling and writing more.

David and I have got some pretty big things planned for 2015
which I will reveal all in good time, dear readers.

Still, I have decided to document every day of 2015 in my journal
which has already had some surprising results.

I suddenly feel more connected to my creative, passionate side
which I had apparently taken a hiatus from in the past decade or so
however I had forgotten how much 
those parts of me were tied to my anxiety.

I am still working on the delicate balance that is my psyche
but I'm hoping this will improve my writing as the year progresses.
After all, I still plan to write that book someday (said all writers ever).

On a more completely realistic note,
I finished my Runners World Run Streak this week.
For more background information about the streak,
check out week 1, week 2, week 3, and week 4.
Day 33  - 1.01 miles (outside!)
Day 34  - 2.68 miles (gym)
Day 35  - 2.63 miles (gym)
Day 36  - 2.68 miles (gym)
As of New Years Day, I completed my run streak at 65.59 miles total!

Seems like a great way to kick off the year, dontcha think?

Coming up... Week 82 : Winter Wanderings at Kickapoo

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