Sunday, December 21, 2014

W79: Playing Tourist...and More Running

Sometimes I get so bummed out about not being able to take trips due to limited funds or vacation time that I completely forget about exploring places nearby.  This week David and I planned a long overdue date night and tried a new local restaurant called Miga.


 Miga touts itself as a modern restaurant serving
American cuisine with an Asian flair.
The atmosphere and decor are
very sleek, modern, and minimalistic.

Overhead, jazz can be heard with
that faintly familiar feeling that jazz sometimes offers.
A few bars trigger some long forgotten memory
that makes you certain that you know this tune
only to leave you puzzled and confused
as the melody moves on without you.
Projected on a stark concrete wall, is "Roman Holiday"
starring Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck.
We're not really sure what it all has to do with modernism
or Asian flair, but we try not to judge.
David and I start off with Mandu:
Pan seared pork & chicken dumplings
with roasted sesame seeds
served with a pickled yellow radish salad
The presentation is beautiful and the food tasty,
but it made us nervous how the plate was not quite on the table all the way...

For my entree, I order the Orange Glazed Salmon Steak:
Medium rare salmon steak, roast herb bacon, fingerling potato,
orange mango reduction, citrus beurre blanc, tomato oil

It pairs nicely with my Stiegl Radler Grapefruit beer.
The salmon is cooked perfectly and the tomatoes are just amazing!
They soak up the orange glaze so each bite is
a pleasant little burst of flavor.

David orders the Miga Bold Noodle Pasta to go with his Lagunitas IPA:
Stir-fried bold noodle, Mongolian sauce, chicken, shrimp,
bell pepper, onions, bean sprouts and bonito flakes.

He's a little less thrilled by his meal.
The onions are roughly chopped at best
making them pretty much impossible to eat.
And, it's not nearly as spicy as expected
given how much our waiter talked it up...
And then there was dessert...

Fried Apple Pie served over a miso-butterscotch sauce and
topped with a scoop of sour cream ice cream

If there is one thing you order at Miga,
it should be this.

It's sweet, salty, creamy, crunchy.
Just plain delicious.

Besides playing tourist locally however,
I also struggled to put in my miles every day
for week 3 of my Runners World Run Streak.
For more background information about the streak,
check out week 1 and week 2.

Day 19  - 0.00 miles -- Broke the streak due to a migraine
Day 20  - 3.51 miles (gym) -- did an extra mile to make up
Day 21  - 1.70 miles (gym)
Day 22  - 1.00 miles (gym)
Day 23  - 0.00 miles -- Broke the streak because I fell asleep
Day 24  - 2.04 miles & 1.02 miles (both outside!)-- to make up
Loki has been a real trooper with these outdoor runs!
He accompanied me for the 2 mile run that day.
David gave me some new headphones (early) for Christmas!
They work great!  I can run without worrying about them
coming lose and falling out.
Day 25  - 1.02 miles (outside!) -- David and I took Loki
for a post date night stroll after Miga and a movie
which rounded out the week nicely.
As of Sunday, December 21st, I have completed 46.91 miles!
I had those two setbacks this week with being unable to run on day 19
because of that crazy headache and pure exhaustion on day 23.
But, I'm proud of myself for making those miles up the following day.
When I run outside, I am starting to feel more like a runner
though I still don't think I'm quite there yet.
I am also getting better at balancing calorie intake with
my run schedule.  I was having a hard time getting enough
"good" calories to keep me fueled as the streak progressed.

The transformation is ongoing but I definitely feel differently
about myself and what I am capable of since beginning this challenge.

And, that is always a great feeling in my book!

Coming up... Week 80: The Brussels Sprout Verdict

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