Sunday, December 14, 2014

W78: The Aunt Goes Running. One by One. Hurrah!

My new experience this week was becoming an aunt for the first time to this precious little one, Violet Elizabeth!  My brother-in-law Stephen and his wife Carrie welcomed their adorable daughter on December 11th!
Violet Elizabeth, born 9:51a on December 11, 2014
6 lbs, 11.8 oz; 19 in long

Unfortunately, they live in North Carolina which makes it a little difficult for us to visit right away but we're hoping to officially meet this little lady in January.  Until then, please enjoy these beautiful photos of the new family.

Stephen, Carrie, and Violet at the hospital
Looks like Stephen is already getting the hang of
this whole dad thing.
Beautiful mother and daughter moment at home.
It's probably okay that we've got some time before heading to North Carolina anyway since I have no idea how the whole run streak would work if i had to schedule it around travel time too!  It's hard enough to schedule time for running as is!  Here is an update on my progress with the Runners World Run Streak.  Click here to see the beginning of my run streak along with a little more background info.

Day 12  - 2.54 miles (gym)
Day 13  - 1.00 mile (mom's treadmill) -- REST DAY
Day 14  - 1.00 mile (mom's treadmill) -- REST DAY
 Day 15  - 2.54 miles (gym)
Day 16  - 2.53 miles (gym)
Day 17  - 1.00 mile (mom's treadmill)
Day 18  - 1.02 miles (outside!)
As of Sunday, December 14th, I have run 36.62 miles!

Around day 13, my right knee started bothering me so I started incorporating more 1-milers/rest days/walking to give it some relief.  I also realized that I needed to work my regular gym routine back into the schedule so that I had some weight training to balance out the stress I was putting on my legs with only running.  At this point, I still don't feel quite like a runner yet.  

Just taking this challenge day by day.

Mile by mile.  

One by one.  

Coming up...  Week 79: Playing Tourist...and More Running

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