Sunday, December 7, 2014

W77: Running, man...

Running is hard.

Despite completing six races this year, I still don't consider myself a runner...

When I saw the Runner's World holiday run streak on Facebook, I knew it was a challenge that I simply could not pass up.  One mile each day from Thanksgiving to New Year's Day?!  Yikes...

But I ran that first day (which I happen to believe was the hardest of all since it was freaking Thanksgiving!) and I have forced myself to get those miles in every day since.

Let's take a look at my progress so far!

Day 1  - 1.87 miles (mom's treadmill)
Day 2  - 2.16 miles (gym)
Day 3  - 2.28 miles (gym)
 Day 4  - 2.60 miles (outside!)
Day 5  - 2.54 miles (gym)
Day 6  - 2.54 miles (gym)
Day 7  - 1.00 miles (mom's treadmill) - REST DAY
Day 8  - 2.74 miles (gym)
Day 9  - 2.75 miles (gym)
Day 10 - 2.00 miles (gym)
Day 11 - 2.51 miles (gym)

As of Sunday, December 7th, I have run nearly 25 miles!
(24.99 to be exact...)

I am still pretty slow and there are a lot of a walking breaks, but I'm getting there... My goal is to be able to jog an entire 5k by the end of this, and I actually think I'm on track to do so.  I love how supportive people are about this.  I have already pushed myself farther than I thought I could go.  I've never run for this many days in a row before, and I like the idea of being able to challenge myself to do better than the previous day.  Some days I make it and some days I don't, but I at least put the effort in every single day.

I've had to make adjustments to my daily routine to fit this in, but I feel like it's worth it.  Also, I have had to test out some new stretches and lace my shoes differently to help with shin splints, but I'm still going strong!

25 days to go!

Coming up... Week 78: The Aunt Goes Running. One by one. Hurrah!

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