Saturday, October 11, 2014

W69: Run or Dye!

This week I participated in my fifth race of the year:
a little color run 5k in Rantoul, IL sponsored by Run-or-Dye!

This race actually has a really interesting back story...

When I originally signed up, it was going to be on May 10th in downtown Champaign, IL.  It wasn't until mid-April that race coordinators let participants know that the City of Champaign had never actually approved the event...

After a pretty big backlash from angry participants who just wanted some answers, the race was eventually moved to October--now taking place at the old Chanute Air Force base in Rantoul, IL with Big Brothers Big Sisters added as the charity.

To me, it really made no difference either way.  I knew I was going to be able to participate either day, and my fee was automatically transferred to the new event.  However, many people in Champaign were very upset with the Run-or-Dye organization and demanded refunds.  It was quite the scandal...

Perhaps not-so-coincidentally, there was actually a Color Run in Champaign just last month...

So, that brings you up to speed on the mixed anticipation of this event...

In all honestly, I haven't done much at the gym since my Warrior Dash in June,
but this was a fun event and my mom and I had a great time walking it out.

My mom was my race buddy!
Check out that yellow hair...
A little post-race color
As you can see, I was mostly hit by pink!

Throughout the race, we were funneled through color stations
where we were bombarded with vegetable dyes of pink, purple, green, and yellow.
This is actually a color blast at the post-race festival.
Racers were also provided with (and could purchase additional) dye packets
which came in all of the same colors plus orange and blue.
Although it's hard to tell from the picture,
we actually do have a good amount of dye on us!

Although the scandal did appear to affect the number of participants,
everyone there seemed to have a good time.

Chanute Air Force base was a surprisingly good location for an
event like this.  Hopefully, that space will be utilized similarly in the future.

Coming up... Week 70: Confessions of a Lazy Blogger; Or, Words are My Friends

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