Sunday, October 5, 2014

W68: Baby Love!

As you may recall from a few weeks back,
there is a little one on the way for my brother-in-law, Stephen, and his wife, Carrie.
In honor of my little niece's arrival, I got to paint this beautiful barn (and sunflower patch)
which not only decorated her farm animal themed baby shower
but will also serve as a wonderful toy for her to play with once she's old enough!

I love doing creative projects like this and instantly had tons of ideas for what I could do 
to make this barn a little more rustic to match Stephen and Carrie's style.

Pinterest provided me with many, many resources for painting techniques
but I finally narrowed down my inspiration to these two posts:
 easy-to-follow advice for how to give furniture that worn, 
antiqued look through several different methods

Faux-painted Dollhouse Shingles from 5 Dollar Dollhouse
great advice on how to create shingles with paint
so that a smaller child can play with the toy
without you worrying about her swallowing any loose shingles

Front view of unpainted toy barn from Michaels

Inside view of unpainted toy barn from Michaels
unpainted sunflower from Michaels
I started by painting base coats on the barn's exterior:
Black base on the roof of the toy barn

White base on the exterior of the toy barn

 Then I added texture:
I used a sponge to layer on different colors in various steps
to achieve the speckled look of real shingles
(I used white, brown, and a metallic bronze over the black)
Close up of white and brown layers over black
Close up with final layer of metallic bronze

Over the white base, I painted the barn a dark brown
then immediately wiped the new paint off with a rag.
This is the resulting effect.
Once the brown was completely dry, I went back over it with red
applying the same method of immediately wiping the paint away with a rag.
This was the final, aged look on the barn.

Then I painted the white trim:

Finally, I drew on the shingles using a calligraphy marker
(and a ruler!):

Here is the finished sunflower patch:
1) I painted the sunflowers
then drew on the details with my calligraphy marker.
2) I hot glued the sunflowers to a green foam square.
3) I hot glued white picket fence from Michaels to the sunflowers.
4) I stuck an adorable scarecrow also from Michaels into the foam.

Beautiful banner created by Carrie's sisters, Anne & Rachel

Beautiful banner created by Carrie's sisters, Anne & Rachel

Adorable watermelon pig carved by my mother-in-law, Susan!
He was stuffed full of delicious fruit salad!

Mason jar centerpiece
w/ burlap ribbon, red raffia bows & baby's breath!

Chicken cupcake from Cakes by Lori

Lamb cupcake from Cakes by Lori

Cow cupcake from Cakes by Lori

Pig cupcake from Cakes by Lori

Gorgeous mama-to-be and me!
We all had so much fun creating such a crafty baby shower
to honor this incredible person
and her beautiful baby girl due around Christmas!  

 I have never wanted winter to come this badly!

Coming up... Week 69: Run-or-Dye!

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