Sunday, September 21, 2014

W66: Writing Exercise

I really haven't written anything creative in a while, so for Week 66, I thought I would test out a writing prompt generator that I've never used before from

The prompt I was assigned was:  She was the bane of my existence and my constant companion.

I started, first, by brainstorming potential paths I could take with this prompt.  I immediately imagined a woman looking into a mirror or some play on conscience but soon dismissed those as obvious choices.  I needed to dig deeper.  Then, I took a little detour into the weird and twisted with a second head or an absorbed twin...  The next thought was a shadow, but that seemed too abstract or childish.  

Finally, I came up with two semi-decent story lines:

1) A scar -- A woman consumed by a scar left by some tragic event via abuse, a fight, or a car accident.  A constant reminder of the woman who did this to her.

2) A much quirkier, sarcastic idea which is ultimately what I went with below:

She was the bane of my existence and my constant companion. Those lips, those hips.  That shimmy-shake! The subtle taunting made my stomach ache... The adoration from him and passersby was really enough to make me cry.

Women from all walks of life took up my cause.  We stood united amid the "ooo's" and "ahh's".  But, our cries of protest fell on deaf ears.  After all, she'd been around for years.

"You're over-reacting," he'd protest in vain clearly oblivious to my pain.

"It's me or her," I finally announced with a stance so firm and so pronounced.

He simply laughed and said she meant no harm... this dancing lady upon his arm.

Hope you liked it!  Feel free to post your own responses to this prompt in the comments!

Coming up... Week 67: Ain't No Rest for the Wicked...

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