Saturday, August 23, 2014

W61: Matthiessen Adventuring

I love hiking!  You know, sometimes you've just got to escape from everyday life a little and spend some quality time in nature!  

Since David works weekends now, I had to find myself a new travel/hiking buddy.  

Luckily for me, my brother Matt fits the description quite nicely!

This week, we ventured to Matthiessen State Park in Utica, IL. 

Headed down the first of many, many flights of stairs

Obsessed with these rock walls and climbing on them.
Taking in the scenery on our hike

Investigating the dried riverbed
Water levels were low when we were there, but normally this is a waterfall.
Exploring the bridge next to the dam
One of several bridges overlooking the canyons
We found Matt's initials carved into one of the rock walls!
Pausing for a photo op on the way down the stairs
Quirky face carved into a rock outside of the cave
Standing in awe of the canyons
Little passageway connecting the two cave areas
View from the inside of the cave
Weird orange stream...
I think it's like this due to iron deposits and clay, but I don't know that for sure...
There were also some hippies doing some sort of music circle in this area... odd place.
The sun was setting as we left so we pulled over to take pictures!
Another beautiful view of the sunset on our drive home
Coming up... Week 62: David's 30th!

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