Sunday, August 3, 2014

W59: Life's Little Milestones

There are so many amazing things happening for the people in my life lately, 
that I spent a lot of time this week reflecting on milestones--
big and small, 
past, present, and future.

My baby brother moved into his first apartment this week!
Matt pictured with his dog, Zeus, in his very first apartment!
Don't worry.  It is slightly more furnished than this now.

As I boxed up the extra items in my house that I was all-too-happy to donate to his cause, 
I reminisced about my 19 year old self who took that leap
into the great unknown that is adulthood
 as a part-time cashier and full-time college student
 who had already changed her major once. 

I knew absolutely nothing about living on my own,
about taking care of myself.

But, I did it.

We all do at some point.

And, you know what?

I STILL don't know what it means to be an adult.

Growing up, didn't it seem like the grown-ups really had everything together?
The closer I get to thirty, the more I believe it was all just a charade 
that we collectively decided to believe in
and that the grown-ups never refuted.
The truth is, none of us know what the heck we're doing
and neither did they.

I also had the pleasure of picking up my bridesmaid's dress for my friend Jaclyn's wedding.
In a mere six weeks, I will have the honor of standing up with her 
as she joins her life to another.

Playing dress-up in my bridesmaid's dress for Jaclyn's wedding.

Gorgeous details on my bridesmaid's dress.  Love this color!
 Just three years ago, that was me, with her by my side.
So lucky to count her as a friend!
With Jaclyn at Murphy's Pub on my wedding day, 2011.

Of course my other bridesmaid, Carrie,
has some pretty big things happening in her life as well!

This week, I found myself at a gender-reveal Skype/Facetime party
for Carrie and my brother-in-law, Stephen.

Adorable Thank You note from Cream & Flutter,
the bakery behind their gender-reveal cake!
Beautiful and delicious gender-reveal cake!
Never one to be wrong, I wore blue AND pink,
though I was rooting for GIRL!
Since not everyone knows yet, I will keep the gender to myself for now,
but it was so amazing to be a part of such a beautiful time in their lives. 
I'm so excited to become an aunt for the first time,
and I just know that kid is going to be spoiled rotten...

David and I are not quite at this particular milestone yet,
but if this week was any indication, we are surrounded by an extremely loving
network of family and friends that will help us through any struggles we may have.

Cheers, to all of the amazing people in our lives
and to many more milestones to come!

Coming up... Week 60: Cuckoo for Coconut

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