Sunday, July 27, 2014

W58: The Eyes Have It

As of late, I've been focused on the external--on going places and doing things.  This week, I wanted to do something creative--to reconnect with the internal for a change.  I wanted to create a work of beauty.

My freshman year of college, I took a drawing class.  To be honest, I wasn't great at it... I didn't do so well with the drawing what I was supposed to part...  I kind of just did my own thing, and if the assignment was something I really didn't want to do--the "egg project" comes to mind--I just didn't.  Not my finest hour as a student...

That being said there were some aspects of that class that I absolutely loved, like the charcoal segment.  There is something very primal, sensual even, about drawing with charcoal.  My charcoal drawings were some of my best work in my brief semester as an artist.  I treasured those dusky renderings of wine bottles and draped fabric until I moved out, and upon claiming my room as his own my brother callously tossed them out.

Anyway, that is the background behind this week's post.  I intended to draw something with charcoal, but as I started to work on the project, I came up with a far better idea.

I began with this photo of our dog, Loki, 
taken on our recent hiking excursion at Turkey Run

First, I made a copy so that I would still have the original if I messed something up. Then, I opened the copy in the photo editor on Microsoft Office 2010 (because that's as fancy as the software gets on my laptop). From there, I cropped the photo down to just his eye, removed the color to make it black and white, and enhanced the white in the photo to give it more contrast.

This is the stunning picture I ended up with.

My original plan was to draw this in charcoal, but I really liked the way the photo turned out with all the detail in the individual strands of hair and the cloudy reflection in his eye. So I decided to leave the photo as is.  I like that it sort of looks like a charcoal drawing.

I am going to see if I can find a way to print it on newspaper or canvas to give it something extra.

Coming Up... W59:  Life's Little Milestones

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