Sunday, June 1, 2014

Week 50: Winner, Winner, Steak Dinner (with a Japanese flair)

I LOVE sushi!  This week I was challenged to make my own sushi at home.

So that's exactly what I did...

but with a twist...

These are the photos of my steak dinner with a bit of a Japanese flair.

Recipes inspired by this book entitled
Sushi: A Classic Collection of Japanese Style Recipes

Inside-Out Steak Teriyaki Rolls

Mashed Potato Rolls with Cucumber & Avocado

Green Bean Sushi Boat with Carrot Leaf Garnish
So here's my verdict on making sushi at home...

It's delicious but freaking HARD!

I love that I was able to get those extra nutritional benefits of seaweed and it is a very sneaky way to incorporate more vegetables into our diet (i.e. the cucumbers and avocados in the mashed potato rolls--which were surprisingly tasty!).

However, it takes a very long time.  I ventured to an Asian grocery store to find many of the ingredients.  Then I had to make each and every component before they could be assembled.  Several hours later, I had many not so pretty rolls and I was starving.

It was a great challenge and I definitely learned a lot from the experience, but I think I'll leave sushi-making to the experts! At least for now...

Coming up:  Week 51: Core Values: A Pilates Experiment

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