Saturday, May 17, 2014

Week 48: San Francisco Adventures--Part I

We visited the San Francisco Bay area this week and fell
in love with this place.

It's not just the city itself that's captured our hearts, it's the general vibe of the area as a whole.

It's the stunning man-made structures flawlessly juxtaposed against nature's own creations.

It's the delicious flavors of locally-sourced foods, of carefully crafted brews.  It's the gypsy lifestyle of Haight Street.  That air of creativity.  That tangible spark of electricity that makes this whole place feel alive.
View from our rental "cottage" in Hercules, CA

We used airbnb for the first time on this trip and would highly recommend it!  It's a vacation rental website that is much cheaper than a hotel, in most cases, and provides you with the extra amenities of home like a kitchen or laundry room.

Our host was wonderful! 

She stocked our kitchen with some breakfast foods, coffee, and tea.  She even provided us with cable, Netflix, WiFi access, and plenty of books to read and movies to watch.

Once she knew we were settled in, she mostly left us alone which we really appreciated.

We spent most of our time this week exploring San Francisco and it's surrounding natural wonders.  Of course, we stopped by a few brewpubs and even a few touristy photo ops.
21st Amendment Brewery in San Francisco

Springtime for Hallertau & South Park Blonde
Hell or High Watermelon Wheat, Gigantes IPA, Amber Waves, Back in Black, Two Rivers Apple Cider
The Painted Ladies, San Francisco
Magnolia's Gastropub & Brewery in San Francisco
Delilah Jones Rye & Weather Report Wheat
Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco
Scenic drive on the other side of the Golden Gate Bridge
Scenic drive on the other side of the Golden Gate Bridge
Marsh near Fort Cronkhite outside of San Francisco
Hiking trails near Fort Cronkhite outside of San Francisco
Marsh near Fort Cronkhite outside of San Francisco
Exploring the beach near Fort Cronkhite
My husband, David, and me near Fort Cronkhite
Beautiful driftwood near Fort Cronkhite
Wildlife on the beach near Fort Cronkhite
Wildlife in the marsh near Fort Cronkhite

Stay tuned for more on our experiences in the Bay area next week!

Coming up... Week 49: San Francisco Adventures--Part 2

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