Saturday, May 10, 2014

Week 47: Life Lesson: Procrastination = Bad

Me with my brother and mom before the Not Your Average Joe 5k
As follows are the photos and memories of my third 5k of the year: Not Your Average Joe 5k Run at Crystal Lake Park in Urbana, IL.

A wonderful day spent with my family that almost didn't happen...

due to my penchant for procrastination...

I am an eternal procrastinator.

When I was in school, I would wait until the last possible moment to complete assignments--convinced that my work was some how better under that added pressure.

The problem was, for the most part, I never felt the negative consequences of these actions.  If I turned in a paper that I started the night before and completed an hour before class, I was praised for my unique insight and rewarded with a good grade.  I once turned in a paper on Beowulf which received a 97% (downgraded 3% for turning it in late) because my argument was one that the teacher had never heard before even after he took an entire semester on the text.

Of course, upon re-reading these papers later, I would always see mistakes I had made or places where I could have tried harder.  If I had ever written the paper ahead of time, I could truly have turned in my best work.

But I was never questioned or pushed to do better.  So I never did.

Procrastination, therefore, continued to be a prominent fixture in my daily life.  And, because of it... I waited until the last moment to sign up for this race.  I saw that registration ended May 8th so I waited until that day to register.  When I finally logged in, the online registration had already closed.  Finally, punishment for a lifetime of pushing things off until the last possible second.  I had screwed up my opportunity to participate in my third 5k of 2014.

Or so I thought...

As it turns out I could still register in person the night before or the morning of the race.

Once again, I was bailed out.

But this time felt different.

It felt like a wake up call.  I had almost missed out on running for a great cause just because I kept pushing the limits on the registration deadline.

Really?  And, for what?  So that I could catch up on DVR'd TV shows?  So not worth it.

Another side-effect of my procrastination: I finished the race in 38+ minutes.


Because I pushed off my running schedule for TWO WEEKS!

The moral of the story:  Procrastination = BAD

The Human Kinetics: Not Your Average Joe races raised $5,000 each for these three local charities: the TIMES Center, the Crisis Nursery, and the Center for Women in Transition

Have a wonderful week!

Next week, we are West coast bound!  David and I are journeying to the San Francisco Bay Area!  And, you can be sure I'll have lots to share in my next post.

And, on that note...

From The Mowgli's show we caught at the House of Blues in Chicago 2012

Coming up:  Week 48: San Francisco Adventures - Part I

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