Saturday, March 29, 2014

Week 40: Hot Stone Massage

Let me preface this post my explaining that I do not like people in my personal bubble.  I do not like people who get too close to me.  And, I certainly do not like people who feel the need to touch me without my explicit permission.  If I am ever pregnant, I will be that crazy lady at the grocery store who punches a stranger for trying to rub her belly. 
It's my body, people!  Back off!

That being said, I was recently given a hot stone massage for my birthday...

This is not the first time someone has tried to give me a massage as a gift before.  Apparently, I just radiate stress.  However, in the spirit of this blog and trying new things, I actually accepted this one.

My dad is the culprit.  He even went so far as to schedule the appointment for me and wanted my husband to just drop me off and drive away.  With no warning!  Thankfully, David knows me better than that, and I was given fair warning.

When I called to reschedule the appointment that initially fell right after my birthday lunch, I was told that there was no massage on the books for me.  Not under my name.  Not under my dad's name.  Not at that time.  None.  Well, I tried...

My brother called my dad to get it straightened out while I continued to get ready for said birthday lunch.  About half an hour later, I was instructed to call again.  Slightly suspicious, but I obliged.

This time when I called, they knew exactly who I was and the appointment was magically on the books...  Already not the best impression, but okay...  I was finally able to get it rescheduled for a few days later and continued on to that birthday lunch (after which I was not feeling great so it's probably a good thing that I rescheduled).

When the big day finally rolled around, I was still uncertain.  I don't know what the protocol is at this sort of thing.  Luckily, Google filled in some of the blanks for me.

As it turns out my masseuse was male.  I wasn't expecting that for some reason, but again I was going with the flow and trying not to psych myself out.  I was led this small, brightly-lit room with relaxing music yet very thin walls.  As the sounds of neighboring rooms clashed with the intended ambiance, I disrobed and awkwardly laid on my back under the blanket as instructed.

When he came back to the room, the lights dimmed and the mood changed.
For anyone else who has never had a hot stone massage, it is essentially a 90-minute Swedish massage that also incorporates stones.  The stones are heated in this crockpot-like container and literally used to massage away your pain.
The heat is intended to penetrate the muscle more deeply without the need for additional pressure.  I told him upfront that I spend a lot of time hunched over a computer so he focused a lot of energy on my neck and shoulders.

Let me tell you, folks... I am now a firm believer in massages.

I don't know that I have ever been that relaxed.  My neck no longer hurt.  I was no longer a hunchback.  Parts of my body that I didn't even realize were in pain were kneaded into submission.  My wrists which must hurt from typing all day, my legs which must be sore from my attempts to workout more, all of it released who knows how much pent up tension in the course of this 90-minute session.  Of course, much of that has returned by now, but at least I know how to fix it in the future.  Sure there were a lot of awkward moments but once I got past that I was able to really enjoy all those knots melting away.

I would highly recommend a hot stone massage to anyone and everyone in pain or stressed out!

Of course, I couldn't just walk away on a happy note.  The receptionist yelled at me for not paying until the masseuse informed her it was already taken care of...

Hmm, I wonder where all of this stress stems from...

Coming up...  Week 41:  Couch Potato Transformation

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