Saturday, March 22, 2014

Week 39: Flash Fiction

Since deciding that I want to write more, I have been trying to find different types of writing exercises to get me back into the routine.  I posted about my study in character development a few weeks ago.  It was also suggested to me that I might want to try flash fiction.

The idea behind flash fiction is that you are only given a limited number of words to tell a story. 
Perhaps the most famous example of this is Earnest Hemingway's:  "For sale: baby shoes, never worn."

Six words sounds kind of extreme, but I found an entire website devoted to the cause:

So, I thought I would challenge myself to come up with some flash fiction stories of my own:

This time, she let him go.

"Didn't think anyone could survive that..."

"Of course! I'd be honored to!"

"You, sir, are a horrible person."

Lying with every nicotine-tinged breath.

Blue car.  Red light.  Too late.

Unopened books contain all the answers.

Suitcase packed and waiting there outside.

These are literally just free they popped into my head.  I think they get better as they progress.  I am also astonished at how much they reveal about me and my own personal experiences when I re-read them.

I think this was a good exercise in how to both turn my constant internal chatter off and focus my thoughts.  With the six word restriction, I had to sometimes rework what I was trying to say to make it fit.  Yet, it was somehow easier to think in shorter bursts like that.

I'll definitely employ this technique in the future to help with writer's block. 

Coming up... Week 40: Hot Stone Massage

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