Saturday, March 22, 2014

Week 38: Weight for it...

In an effort to continue on this path to a healthier me, I recently subjected myself to a "real" workout with my brother, Matt.

And, let me tell you...
I could definitely feel the difference!

Everything about it was completely different that what I have typically done at the gym or with workout videos.  He had my mom and me do mostly weight training (bench and all).  He encouraged us to lift whatever weight we were comfortable with yet increased our reps whenever possible. 

There are no pictures because we could not stop laughing long enough to pose for them!  Between my mom dancing to the radio (in typical mom fashion) and our complete dismay at how very little we could actually lift, we were almost in tears nearly the entire workout session.

That being said, I think my little brother needs to be my permanent trainer!

The next day I was sore in arm muscles that I must never reach on the gym machines.  I definitely want to train with Matt again.  It helps to have someone pushing you to try that much harder.

Coming up... Week 39: Flash Fiction

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