Saturday, March 15, 2014

Week 36: ALL the Races!

I felt I was getting a little lax on the consistency of my workouts so I created a workout calendar in Google drive.  I can keep track of the days that I workout and my overall progress.  That way, I can visualize how many weeks I have until the races I signed up for!

I physically registered for several races so that I would have that extra motivation to hit the gym.  After all, they are already paid for.

Here are the races, I'm doing this year:

April 4th - Allerton GLO-Run (a night run 5k which actually runs through the Sunken Garden where I was married!  I'll need to buy a headlamp!)

April 25th - The Illinois Marathon 5k (which I have done once before--four years ago)

May 10th - Run-or-Dye 5k (a color run where they throw dye packets as you run)

June 14th - Warrior Dash!  (The culmination of all my hard work!  It's 12 obstacles spread out over a 5k.)

I also joined a healthy living group on Facebook to help keep me on track.  I am hoping my goal-oriented, competitive nature will kick in.  I also recruited some people to run with me!  My mom is doing the 5ks and my brother, Matt, is doing the Warrior Dash!

Coming up... Week 37: The Ultimate Goal

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