Friday, December 27, 2013

Week 28: The Fit Life

I received a Fitbit Flex for Christmas this year!

It is a fairly simple device--a black wristband that tracks my daily activity and sleep patterns.  The really awesome part is the website and phone app that come with it. I am able to enter my food and log activities that the Flex does not register (i.e. yoga, circuit training, etc.).

Below is my dashboard from Friday, December 27th:

The Fitbit Dashboard gives me feedback on how well I am meeting my daily goals.  For instance, on this particular day I ate more calories than I burned.  It tries to make sure I am balancing out my intake versus my output.  It also recommends drinking about four water bottles per day, reaching a distance of at least 5 miles, and walking at least 10,000 steps.  If fact, when I do reach 10,000 steps my Flex freaks out!  It starts buzzing and the lights start flashing which is a pretty awesome motivator when you're on the treadmill. 

For this first week, I just tried to see where my baseline was so that I could properly gauge how much more effort I needed to put forth to meet my goals.  Since then, I have yet to meet my goals in every category, but I am confident that this Flex has encouraged me to push myself just a little bit harder each day.  I have discovered that weekends are my worst days, but now that I know that, I am more conscious of my decisions and how they are ultimately affecting my goal to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Coming Up...  Week 29: Viva la Resolution


  1. I didn't know u were a part of this fitbit craze. Are u fitbit friends with jason sarah or jen (will's gf)....I hear that adds another element to it when you can see what your friends have done/are doing.....i really should try only problem is that it is something that doesn't look that great with a suit. I need the fitbit pro....for professionals in a suit n tie type of job. This was a while it helping u achieve your workout goals or are u done with it?

  2. I still wear my fitbit every day! And, I complete agree with you about the need for a more professional looking band! I sometimes look a little ridiculous with mine at work... Also, most people don't know what it is and I honestly think they are wondering if it's some sort of drug monitoring/house arrest bracelet.

    I haven't been logging my food since it became kind of a hassle, but it still motivates me to think about what I am eating and how active I am being on a daily basis. I am not currently friends with Jason and Sarah on there (I'll have to track them down), but there is a random lady that friended me. It does make things a little more interesting to be able to "compete" with someone every week.