Sunday, December 15, 2013

Week 23: A Trivial Pursuit

My friends and I participated in a trivia night at a local bar recently to mixed results.

None of us had ever been to a trivia night before, let alone at a bar where is apparently pays to be a regular.  One whole round was based on previously used questions while the bonus question was based on the announcers preference in TV shows... a little biased if you ask me, but here is how the rest of the night went:

Fenn Times (our inside joke of a team name) started off the night with a respectable 6 correct answers in the first round.  We actually had more correct, but quickly discovered, in trivia, it's not always easy to agree on which answer you're going to use...

 Round two: 5 correct answers.  Still not entirely embarrassing for first-timers.

 Round three: 5 correct answers.  The rest of the teams seem to be doing much better than us...

 Round four: 0 correct answers.  The night has taken a turn...  If I remember correctly, this was the round where previous questions were used...

Round five: 4 correct answers.  This was a music round.  We listened to short clips of songs to determine who the musicians were...  I can sing you the lyrics to most songs, but in most cases, I have no idea what the song is called or who sings it... I was clearly no help at all in this round.  To show you how completely lost we were, I have included our answers below...

Guess how many times Journey was the correct answer... that's right, absolutely none.

Round six (aka the bonus round) was a bar-wide game of 20 questions where each team got to ask a question to determine who the announcer was thinking of.  It turned out to be a character from East Bound and Down which was apparently very easy for the rest of the teams who knew the announcer personally...  Not that we were bitter.

Overall verdict: 2nd to last out of 12 teams.  
Trivia night at this particular bar may not have been our finest hour.

UPDATE:  A few weeks later we went to trivia night at another downtown bar and found our performance much more in line with our expectations.  We ended up in 6th place out of 13 teams, which we attributed to the learning curve.  We were still having difficulty listening to each other to decide on one correct answer at a time, but it seems that we have found a new weekly event.  It's kind of fun to put all of that random knowledge to use for a change.  And, as it turns out, each one of us has our own little area of expertise.  Now, if only we could agree on one answer to crack the top five...

Coming Up... Week 24: Kangaroo Court

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