Sunday, October 20, 2013

Week 19: Kale me maybe?

Kale juice!

My friend, Stephanie, has been telling me about the benefits of juicing fruits and vegetables for months now, and I finally asked her to juice some kale for me.

I tried once before to add spinach to my smoothies, but my blender is cheap and cannot break the plant down enough.  Instead it created a sort of pulp which was completely disgusting.  I couldn't choke down more than a couple sips.  Utter failure.

Still, I keep seeing recipes for green smoothies everywhere I look so I have been looking for a way to try it out again.

I just gave her one bunch of kale because I wasn't exactly sure how much juice that would generate.  To add more volume, she included three organic apples which was enough to fill the mason jar in the pictures.

Ideally, juice is meant to be consumed within 24 hours.


However, since I don't know many people, myself included, who plan on drinking that much kale juice in one sitting, I decided to freeze the juice in ice cube trays so that I could easily portion them into my smoothies and make the juice last a little longer at the same time.
Kale/Apple juice poured into ice cube trays to freeze for future use.

Frozen Kale/Apple cubes for smoothies.
Smoothie: Kale, Apple, Mixed Berries, Chia Seeds, Vanilla Yogurt

Since I had some juice left over after filling the ice cubes, I decided to go ahead and make a smoothie.  I used the kale/apple juice and added more of my own apple juice since there wasn't enough liquid.  I tossed in some chia seeds, about half a cup of vanilla yogurt, and some frozen mixed berries.  Delicious!  I couldn't taste the kale at all.  This is going to be a great way to incorporate more leafy greens into my diet!

Coming Up... Week 20:  All the better to see you with, my dear...


  1. I hope since you posted this you have tried more smothie things.....ben use to always make them.....not sure if they were THAT healthy but it sounded like they were good. We need to meet up on this topic a share info!

  2. It has been a little cold over the past few months what with the polar vortex and whatnot, but I have started to get back into making smoothies now that it's warming up again. I am always looking for new ways to try out healthy foods, and it's even more fun when you have people around you that are trying to do the same. I actually turned my brother, Matt, onto smoothies recently! I was trying to give him a healthy (and delicious) way to up his caloric intake since he has been working out and trying to build more muscle. I usually add whey protein so they are great for post-workout recovery! I would be glad to swap recipes with you!