Sunday, October 20, 2013

Week 17: Horroriffic Writing

My brother, Matt, and I love horror movies.

That being said, we cannot shake our belief that we could make a much better movie than many recent horror films.  The writing is often lazy, the acting over-the-top, and the cinematography poorly executed.

We have collectively voiced this opinion loudly and unflinchingly since a horror movie marathon circa 2011.

And, we have patiently waited for our favorite genre to remedy itself to no avail.

We shall wait no more.

Matt and I have finally decided to take a crack at writing our own screenplay.

We went to the library and found a whole four books on screenwriting--one of which we quickly disregarded because the author kept reiterating that no one should get into screenwriting.  Under the instruction of another book, we began writing exercises to brainstorm our movie ideas.  It wasn't long before we disregarded that book as well because we already had ideas for our movie premise.

Finally, we found a book that gave us some practical ways to get started with the writing process.  After a few hours, we roughly sketched out the storyline and came up with an amazing ending--though how the middle of the story unfolds is still up for debate.  According to our guide book, it should take us several months to fully develop our screenplay, though I am guessing that assumes we are writing full-time.

Assuming we don't lose interest before then, I'll keep you all posted on the premier date.

Coming Up... Week 18:  Oktoberfest

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