Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Week 14: Live Free or Die!

So my New England vacation mid-September completely through me out of whack on the whole blogging thing...  I apologize.  I honestly did not think that many people read my blog, but since three whole people have asked what is going on with my writing I felt I should finally get to work on chronicling those missing five weeks.  Luckily my New Hampshire--Massachusetts--Maine adventure provided me with plenty of new experiences to share.
I visited Fort McClary in Maine.
Got to see a lighthouse from Fort McClary.

Here is my husband in a tunnel at Fort McClary.  You can see the lighthouse from those windows behind him.

Had some real New England seafood chowdah at Ray's Seafood in Rye, New Hampshire.

Climbed Mt. Major in New Hampshire.

Visited Ri Ra in Portsmouth, New Hampshire -- an old bank that was converted into an Irish pub.

Beautiful skylight at Ri Ra.
To summarize, the trip was amazing.  We spent a lot of time catching up with family and just taking a much needed break from the everyday grind.

Coming up... Week 15: Everything's Zen

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