Sunday, September 8, 2013

Week 12: And Now Our Feature Presentation...

I recently attended my first ever double-feature at the movie theater.

The reason this falls under the category of "outside my comfort zone" is due to the moral grey area.  When my husband and I purchased tickets for Star Trek Into Darkness last Sunday night we were not informed that it was a double-feature.  However, when our friend joined us he said the employee who sold his ticket said that it also bought him admission into the midnight showing of World War Z.

Since I don't normally attend movies so late because I usually fall asleep, I didn't think it would matter if it really was a double-feature or not.  I assumed that by that point, I would be ready to go home.  After one full Mountain Dew, however, that was not the case.  Once our first movie was over, I was wide awake.

But still, we were not sure what to do.  Was the second movie going to be shown in the same theater?  If not, which theater were we supposed to move to?  Or, were we even allowed to walk into another movie at all?  Maybe that employee just messing with our friend...

After some careful strategery, we figured out that the second movie had just started in a nearby theater.  We simply walked from our theater to the next movie--which in all honesty was somewhat anticlimactic.  I am pretty sure that it really was a poorly advertised double-feature.  But both movies were good, and I am glad we only had to pay for one of them.  Win-win.

COMING UP... Week 13: (Air)port Authority

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  1. I have been too 4-5 double features....that shouldn't have been because only one ticket was purchased...and we basically just walked to the other theater. With that said it felt like we "stole" the admission into the second movie....but I didn't lie about the one employee telling me that it was a double feature. Also the star trek film released on dvd 2 weeks later and wwz came out the following week. It had to be a special...or maybe we are bad people...oh well i like both films!