Sunday, September 8, 2013

Week 11: League of "Extraordinary Gentlemen"

One significant change I have noticed in myself now that I am about one-fifth of the way through this path-to-a-new-me experiment is that I am more willing to say "yes" to new experiences.  With that preface, let me explain how I came to join and subsequently dominate a fantasy football league.

I have been a long time fan of The League, a hilarious TV show on FX (now FXX), which follows the trials and tribulations of one fantasy football league as they struggle to stay friends at the end of the season.  That is about the extent of my football knowledge and experience.  When my husband and I were asked to join a league this year, we hesitantly agreed.  Neither one of us follow NFL football, although my husband at least played football in high school and had a pretty good understanding of how the whole process worked.

Given my competitive nature, I immediately went to work reviewing top picks across the internet and compiled the players sorted by position into a fairly extensive spreadsheet.  Basically, I didn't want to come across as a complete idiot at the draft.

Draft Picks for all 12 Teams
Our draft was held August 30th, and despite a lot of confusion over the draft order and who was still available, I came out of the chaos with a decent team.

My first line up:
M. Ryan (Atlanta) - QB
V. Jackson (Tampa Bay)- WR
H. Nicks (NY Giants)- WR
J. Charles (Kansas City)- RB
C. Spiller (Buffalo) - RB
K. Rudolph (Minnesota) - TE
A. Brown (Pittsburgh) - WR
D. Wilson (NY Giants) - RB
M. Prater (Denver) - K
St. Louis Defense

plus 6 players on the bench
According to Yahoo!, my team, Chalupa Batman, was one of the best drafts.  I know that has a lot to do with the order that our commissioner entered in the picks, but I'll still take it.  I would also like to point out that my brother who is a self-proclaimed fantasy football expert is in last place on this list.  To me, that indicates that this list is not to be trusted.

Anyway, I think I ended up with a fairly even team.  No one is really spectacular.  Everyone is pretty even across the board which I see as an asset.  If something happens to one player, Chalupa Batman will still stand a chance.  Another indicator that I picked an okay team is the fact that I have had several trade offers so far (all of which I have turned down).

As I post this, the first round is still in progress, but I am currently favored by 87% to win my first match up against Polar_Bearz.  6 players are currently playing and two others plus my defense are scheduled to play later today.  I guess I succeeded in not looking like a complete idiot.

COMING UP... Week 12:  And Now Our Feature Presentation...


  1. First...the way your commisioner (aka me) entered the picks was the same for every team.....but the grade report come from the most amount of points projected each week added if people have "bad bye weeks" this really hurts them. Anyway love having you and david in the league and can't wait till we watch the games together more frequently. You prolly should look into the nfl redzone, you may already have it but it only airs a main game or someone who is about it score.

  2. Update: I have lost my first two match-ups. I clearly do not know what I am doing, but I am still having fun with it and would probably do it again next year now that I am starting to understand the process a little better.