Saturday, July 27, 2013

Week 6: Fore-midable Opponents

This was the first week that I did not actively plan out my new activity a week in advance.  I decided to opt for a bit of spontaneity for a change.  After all, this whole thing is about stepping outside of my normal routine--and normal me is a planner.

Luckily, I was provided with the perfect opportunity for a new experience when my employer organized a golf outing for a few of our commercial loan customers and their corresponding lenders.

Now, I know what you're thinking.  

Why would anyone want to invite me to participate in such an event?  Although I do own a set of golf clubs which have been used exactly three times over the past three or four years, I am certainly not a lender and also not particularly impressive in the golf skills department (see Week 5 for further clarification on my utter lack of coordination whatsoever). 

Precisely why I was not invited to said event.

Instead, us lowly, inconsequential employees excluded from the real deal arranged a little golf competition of our own.  After an unusually productive day, we devoted approximately ten to fifteen minutes to this highly anticipated showdown.

This is the back hallway at work, where a putting challenge was set up for a lucky few.  We were each allowed two practice putts, where we realized, to our surprise, that the floor actually slopes to the left--invaluable knowledge with stakes as high as these.

The winner not only claimed bragging rights for all eternity (or until the next impromptu contest spawned from boredom and the faintest hint of scorn) but also a very desirable trophy--one dollar coin with a value estimated in the ballpark of one hundred pennies.

Because we don't do anything half way, the mastermind of this showcase of both physical skill and mental acuity felt it only appropriate to fashion a "pin" to dispel any confusion in regards to our aim.  

We were, in fact, to ensure that our respective balls ended up closest to said pin.  

Each participant was given only two chances at glory.

Did I mention we were to do so using a child's putter?

And a Spongebob ball?

Regardless of the circumstances and the many obstacles set before us...

well, not literally...

it was pretty much a straight shot...

more so, psychologically...

anyway, we persevered.  

And as it turned out, not a single one of us was very close to the pin at all.  We were nearly equidistant, forming a lovely circle around our target--which, to recap, was the pin.  

My best shot is marked by a scrap of paper on the very left.  

It is hard to tell from the angle this picture was taken, but it was a very close call.  

Really, it was.

Each shot was carefully, painstakingly measured before a winner could be named.

As the seconds stretched on, it appeared that somewhat of a Cinderella story was emerging...would it be an underdog thrust into the spotlight to win it all?  The bragging rights?  The glory?  The subtle disdain is his or her peers?

The important thing to realize, in times like these, is that we are all winners in our own way.  We each have something special to bring to the table.  It's more about the experience than a prize.  That is where the true value lies.  I am on a path to self discovery.

That being said...


My "trophy" is now on display under the glass on my desk.

Sticking to the Insanity schedule has been harder than expected.  I was off to a good start, but we went on a weekend trip to Chicago and my two rest days turned into SIX!  I was able to get back on track to finish out the week strong, but we are headed to Iowa for a wedding this weekend and I'm a little worried that I will be side-tracked again.  I'll keep you all posted.

COMING UP... Week 7: An Auctionary Tale

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