Saturday, June 22, 2013

Week 1: Ch-Ch-Ch-Chia Seeds!

I recently watched a documentary called Hungry for a Change about how horrible our over-processed, chemically-altered, hormone-ridden food is for us.  Of course no one would argue with that fact, but sometimes it can be difficult (and expensive) to completely cut it out, to go organic, to incorporate some obscure wonder food into our everyday diets.

But, we have to start somewhere.  So my first foray into this 52-week experiment is: chia seeds.

According to the documentary, chia seeds help the body get rid of toxins.  Additionally, WebMD explains that chia seeds are high in omega-3 fatty acids and dietary fiber.  People have added chia seeds to their diets to help with diabetes and reduce risk of stroke and heart disease.

I was a little skeptical about these seeds because of the whole chia pet thing and the fact that they become gelatinous when liquid is added.  But, I have to say I was pleasantly surprised.

I started with a bowl of plain oatmeal
Added a tablespoon of whole chia seeds
Added some milk
Added some brown sugar and cinnamon
And, this is the finished product.

It actually wasn't too bad.  I was correct to think that the texture would go well with oatmeal.  The chia seeds were kind of like a tapioca texture, and they don't have a flavor at all.  The package says to add them to water during a workout to help stay hydrated.  And, I read that some people add them to lemonade.  I could see myself incorporating them in my smoothies for that extra boost of omegas and fiber.

I'll chalk week one up to a success!

COMING UP...  Week 2: Channeling Bob Ross

UPDATE:  I added chia seeds to this morning's smoothie (frozen peaches, peach mango juice, vanilla yogurt, whey protein, dash of homemade vanilla extract & ice) and even my husband drank a glass!  Double success!

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