Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Week 29: Viva la Resolution!

Since my blog has already encouraged me to step outside of my comfort zone, I figured my New Year's resolution should probably follow the same logic.  This year, I resolved to be better to myself.  I want to treat myself better in every sense-- working out, eating better, reading more, taking better care of myself, and so on and so forth.

I think the Fitbit Flex will help with that, but a huge part of sticking to this resolution will be my attitude.  I am really making an effort to put positive thoughts and energy out into the world in the hopes that it will come back to me.

I have the tendency towards pessimism, and after watching the documentary, Kumare, about a cynical filmmaker who impersonated a spiritual guru to prove that people do not need religion to be happy, I believe I have found a way to inject more positivity into my life.

Vikram Ghandi, the filmmaker, was trying to show his followers, and subsequently his viewers, that the same feeling of enlightenment found through religion and meditation exists within us already.  That it's something we are capable of tapping into on our own.  Although he constantly told devotees that he was a fraud and that they should be their own gurus, everyone he encountered felt drawn to him and most felt more at ease after even one session with him.  Beyond the effect he had on these people, he says that he found himself to be much happier and positive living as his alter-ego, Sri Kumare.  After all, he was never allowed to be negative.  What would his followers think?

Struggling with this notion in my own life for about a week, I suddenly realized that I have concocted a very similar situation here.  My daily life may be full of ups and downs, but my blog life, my alter-ego if you will, doesn't have to be.  I can use my blog to send those positive thoughts and experiences out into the world and thereby teach myself not to dwell on the negative.

To help myself accomplish this lofty goal, I started The Britter Truth Pinterest boards:


The Britter Truth: A board devoted to my actual blog entries.  You may have noticed that you are now able to "pin" any photo on my blog to Pinterest.  (I am very proud of myself for learning how to do that!)  Followers of this board, can click on the pins and be directly linked to the blog entry for that week.

Inspiration: A board dedicated to different goals that I would like to try.  Some are major goals that I may not accomplish for many years to come and others are smaller tasks that I could do without traveling to another country.

More than words: A board full of positive, motivational quotes to encourage me to stick to these crazy goals I keep setting for myself.  I have decided to only post quotes that inspire.  While I agree that some of the most beautiful quotes may encompass some not-so-happy topics, that's not what this board is about.  You won't find those quotes here.  Only happy thoughts.

Coming up...   Week 30:  Legal Libations